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B12 - CPD Accredited


Our B12 Intramuscular Administration course is crafted to provide a thorough understanding of administering Vitamin B12 injections intramuscularly. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical hands-on sessions, participants will learn the proper techniques for preparing and administering B12 injections, ensuring precision and patient safety. The course covers essential topics such as dosage calculations, injection site selection, and recognising potential complications. Tailored for healthcare professionals and individuals with an interest in medical administration, this course is ideal for beginners in B12 intramuscular injections. With a focus on practical skills, real-world scenarios and expert guidance, participants will gain the confidence and competence needed for proficient B12 administration. Whether you are an aesthetics practitioner or someone looking to expand your skills, this course offers a convenient and immersive learning experience in the art and science of B12 intramuscular administration.

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