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Lower Body

Body Treatments


Fat Dissolving Injections
Aqualyx is used to ‘dissolve’ stubborn pockets of fat which remain resistant to diet or exercise.The Aqualyx treatment is suitable for tackling areas around the face or on the body, wherever fat gathers.

How does Aqualyx Work?
Aqualyx is based on a formulation containing deoxycholic acid. This is a secondary bile acid which the body naturally produces to liquefy the fat in the gut. Aqualyx injections liquefy the fat cells, destroying them permanently and releasing lipids which are then expelled by the body through the lymphatic system. This is not a weight loss treatment or an alternative to diet and exercise, but Aqualyx injections are very helpful in refining body shape by tackling those areas that are stubborn.

The human body is designed to store fat in certain areas as an ‘emergency ration’. Fat cells in the deep subcutaneous tissue are difficult to diminish. Aqualyx literally reduces the amount of fat cells in those areas most resistant to toning

Buttocks Enhancement

An effective way to get the bum shape you want and boost that beach-body confidence you desire, without the need for surgery.
Our innovative and minimally invasive treatment is designed to reshape and enhance the buttocks using hyaluronic acid injections. The amount of hyaluronic acid that we naturally produce begins to decline with age, which can result in sagging and a loss of volume to the buttock area. Hyaluronic acid is a safe and natural substance that is used in many cosmetic treatments, such as lip and cheek fillers, due to its instant hydrating and volumising effect.
Our carefully selected dermal filler helps to improve the appearance of your bum area by contouring and adding definition to the buttocks. 

Buttocks Lift.jpg

Mono Threads

Mono Threads.jpg

 Mono threads can be used to improve the texture/ quality of skin in troublesome regions by stimulating the body’s own collagen production leading to continued improvement for months after the treatment itself has been undertaken. We can also achieve tightening of tissues using mono-threads by stimulating the body’s own collagen and also with a process of lipolysis whereby we actively breakdown the excess fat tissue that tends to accumulate in this region (by placing these threads in a slightly deeper position in the skin).

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