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Advanced Skin Booster - CPD Accredited

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Welcome to our Advanced Skin Booster Training Course, a comprehensive program designed to elevate your expertise in aesthetics. Our blended approach combines online theory and in-person practical study, culminating in a practical assessment. Here's a brief overview: Online Theory (Minimum Success Rate: 80%): - Begin your journey with a thorough online theory curriculum, laying the foundation for advanced techniques. In-Person Practical Study and Assessment (1 Day): - Join us for a hands-on practical day where you'll apply theory to practice under expert guidance. - Demonstrate your skills in a practical assessment. Practical Session Arrangement for Small Groups: - We’ll collaborate with you to arrange a practical session tailored to the convenience of a small group. Entry Requirements: - Foundation Dermal Fillers Certificate, Anatomy & Physiology, Phlebotomy, Intramuscular injections. - Qualifications in medicine or related fields provide the necessary background. Techniques: - BAP technique - Linear technique - Under eyes linear technique - Profhilo - Jalupro - Jalutox Our course equips you with advanced techniques, product knowledge, safety measures, and the ability to handle complications. Join us to unlock exciting opportunities in aesthetics.

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